Enterprise software for the licensing and entertainment industries

WestEnd Workspace Suite of Applications for Licensing and Entertainment Industries

Fully integrated suite of WestEnd Workspace applications provide end-to-end program management.

(El Segundo, CA) – April 29, 2015 – WestEnd™ Software, the leading developer of enterprise software for the licensing and entertainment industries, is ushering in the next generation of  licensing solutions with its integrated suite of  WestEnd™ Workspace applications. Designed to empower licensing and entertainment companies to better manage and grow their programs, WestEnd™ Workspace offers a set of applications that enable internal and external resources to work in a collaborative and process driven environment. Leveraging WestEnd Software’s long history in the licensing and entertainment industries, WestEnd Workspace applications will offer clients higher performance, more functionality and unmatched features compared to solutions currently on the market.

“We’re incredibly excited about the new suite of WestEnd Workspace applications we are launching,” said Zeljko Rakocevic, President/CTO/Founder of WestEnd™ Software. “For 2015, we made the decision to launch WestEnd Workspace in order to give brand owners a set of enterprise applications that deliver a user experience the industry has never seen. Whether clients are managing contracts, processing royalties or distributing digital content, WestEnd Workspace not only meets each areas specific requirements but also fully ties them together to form an integrated solution which offers innovative workflow tools, notifications and alerts as well as APIs to manage data exchange with other corporate systems. We pride ourselves on listening and understanding what our clients need and WestEnd Workspace is designed to more than meet these requirements.”

WestEnd™ Workspace by WestEnd™ Software is a suite of applications developed to provide licensing and entertainment companies with

end-to-end solutions

to fully service their programs. These applications include:


The Licensing module provides both complete contract management and full program financials administration, including royalties, invoices, cash receipts and GL account postings. Defined by its intuitive user interface, easy data entry and logical product classifications, the WestEnd Workspace Licensing application simplifies program management and empowers consumer product and entertainment companies to focus on growing their businesses.


Collaboration, insight and flexible process management are key features of the Approvals application within WestEnd Workspace. Enabling clients to define and configure how, when and by who product submissions are reviewed and approved, Approvals allows companies to maintain their existing processes and leverage the application to manage submissions effectively, including image annotation and comment management.


Features and scalability are the defining attributes of the Assets application within WestEnd™ Workspace. Whether clients need maximum file type support, personalized watermarking or Meta data tagging, the Assets solution provides all of these and more. With file size support up to 16GB and efficient cataloging and foldering tools, Assets will empower your content management team and enable your partners with easy access to style guides and download tools.


The Workflow application offers clients the opportunity to use WestEnd™ Workspace across their entire organization to better manage common processes in any area. Whether it is managing contract negotiations, vendor compliance audits, purchase order approvals or rolling out promotion programs, Workflow provides users the ability to configure, deploy and edit workflows they are managing, as well as save them as templates to be used again in the future.


Engaging with the companies and people you do business with is a basic requirement for licensing solutions and the Contacts application in WestEnd Workspace delivers this plus a whole host of CRM capabilities. Email alerts and notifications to both internal and external contacts, as well as integration of these resources into structured business processes in any WestEnd Workspace application enhances the overall experience WestEnd Workspace offers.


The WestEnd Workspace Intelligence application is designed to manage, transform and analyze key program data that exists across the entire application suite. Providing both standard reporting and ad hoc BI capabilities via a data warehouse, Intelligence empowers WestEnd Workspace clients to decide what information is important, how to package it and who to share it with.

WestEnd™ Workspace Framework

Tying it all together, the WestEnd Workspace framework is designed to provide users with a central location to monitor programs, manage responsibilities, communicate with other users and execute functions. Unique user enhancements that WestEnd Workspace offers include simultaneous tabbed windows, personalized task lists, live chat and UI self-management.

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