Enterprise software for the licensing and entertainment industries, contract management and accounting

Enterprise Applications for the Licensing and Entertainment Industries

Westend Workspace is a brand-new licensing solution by industry veteran Zeljko Rakocevic

[El Segundo, CA] – April 7th, 2015 – Westend™ Software Inc., the leading developer of

enterprise software for the licensing and entertainment industries

, announced today the launch of its “Westend Workspace” suite of applications. Designed from the ground-up around leading edge technologies, Westend Workspace offers a truly collaborative environment for businesses to better manage and get insight into their consumer product, film, TV and media licensing programs. True to Westend Software’s heritage as a leader in licensing solutions, Westend Workspace is a web-based software package that provides brand owners with easy access to their brands / IP’s, licensing agreements, royalties, and financials as well as tools to effectively manage digital assets and product approval submissions.

Westend Workspace is a solution we are truly excited to launch today,” explained Zeljko Rakocevic, President/CTO and founder of Westend Software. “I have been developing software for over 25 years, including in the licensing and entertainment industries since 2000. Westend Workspace represents the culmination of these prior efforts into a brand new set of applications we will be selling directly to enterprises and I can confidently state that this is the best work we have delivered to date. We have positioned Westend Workspace as the ultimate tool to enable end-users across a licensing program to collaborate efficiently with each other, automate key processes and generate the business intelligence needed for companies to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.”

Westend Software’s new Westend Workspace applications offer functionality for all key stakeholders within licensing and media programs, including Brand Management, Sales, Legal, Accounting and Creative. The new Westend Workspace suite includes: Licensing for contract management and accounting; Approvals for managing the review of product concepts; Assets for digital asset management; Workflow to set and mange key business processes; Contacts for company relationship management; and Intelligence for reporting and analysis. All applications are offered within the highly scalable Westend Workspace framework, which provides for a client-branded software environment easily accessible from any browser on any connected device.

“Westend Workspace was designed and built with our clients in mind, as we kept hearing about the frustrations a lot of firms are having both in realizing the purported benefits of other solutions and most importantly meeting their employees expectations. We wanted to offer a solution that is a step or two ahead of the other products on the market today and the response so far from leading brand owners to Westend Workspace has been amazing,” says Zeljko Rakocevic. Mr. Rakocevic added that, “By focusing on the user experience and providing easy to use tools to create, launch and manage processes within the applications, users of Westend Workspace will rapidly see the advantages of our end-to-end solutions in their daily lives. In addition, key executives will be able monitor their programs in real-time to know where their business is succeeding and where there are opportunities for growth.”

Westend Workspace applications provide a fully integrated solution, although modules can be licensed and used as stand-alone applications, thus allowing firms to expand capabilities over time. Additionally, the entire Westend Workspace suite has been designed with integration to other enterprise systems in mind and is provided with a full set of APIs and web service tools making data exchange simple, including with corporate ERP and accounting systems. Developed primarily for implementation as a hosted SaaS offering, Westend Software has maintained the flexibility to implement Westend Workspace within a client’s own data center if such model is preferred.

About Westend Software

Westend Software Inc. is an innovative developer of enterprise software solutions having designed and delivered a number of leading applications in the licensing and entertainment industries. These applications have been deployed by and are still in operation at some of the largest companies in the world, including numerous Fortune 500 firms. The new Westend Workspace application suite focuses on a diverse set of enterprise functions, including contract management, accounting administration, approval workflow, digital asset management and business process management. Since 2004, Westend Software has developed a strong industry reputation and dedicated following for both the breadth of its offerings and the strength of its solutions to meet client needs. For more information, visit www.westendsoftware.com.

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