Westend Software  announces release Of new sponsorships Module to Compliment Existing Licensing And Entertainment Products

Westend Software Inc. Announces Release of New Sponsorships Module to Compliment Existing Licensing and Entertainment Products

Sponsorship module is latest application tool added to the Workspace suite of software solutions.

(Manhattan Beach, CA) November 1, 2020 – WestEnd Software, a leading developer of enterprise software solutions for the licensing, entertainment, manufacturing and sponsorship industries, announced today the release of its new


module as the latest addition to its Workspace suite of solutions. Sponsorships is a natural fit and extension of WestEnd’s current suite of Workspace products, which are focused on helping consumer brands and product companies be more efficient in getting products to market. By incorporating our core contract, accounting and product management tools into the new module, sponsor-seeking clients can now use Sponsorships to effectively manage their sponsorship inventories, empower sales teams, manage contract lifecycles, track all deliverables and process all fees and accounting activity related to executed sponsorship contracts.

Sponsorship partnerships have consistently shown that teaming up can have benefits for both parties involved, however the process of sponsor-seeking firms to attract sponsors and formalize these relationships have proven to be challenging. WestEnd’s new Sponsorships module allows companies to set their sponsorship inventories, manage existing and expiring contracts with sponsors and help plan and manage events. Sponsorships will also streamline the process of identifying and adding new sponsors or extending relationships with existing partners. With WestEnd’s Sponsorships module, the sponsor-seeking firms can achieve a rapid positive return on investment by more effectively keeping track of sponsorship efforts, executing more deals and increasing key success analytics.

“WestEnd Software has identified support for Sponsorship programs as a logical next step as we continue to evolve our market leading Workspace suite of enterprise solutions” commented Zeljko Rakocevic, CTO and Founder of WestEnd Software. “By leveraging our core capabilities in contract management, accounting administration and product launch support, we have crafted a Sponsorship module that fully meets the needs of sponsor-seeking organizations”, added Mr. Rakocevic.

Sponsorship deals create brand awareness for both parties, as well as building long term relationships between brand partners that benefit both organizations. The new Sponsorships module will allow different departments to set the “inventory” of all sponsorship levels, instruct sales teams on where to focus and give all users full visibility as programs launch. The module allows users to see which brands, logos and images are attached to which contracts, so that deliverables and distribution can be planned accordingly. Along with the benefits listed, the sponsorship module additionally makes it easier to historically track and analyze how effective all types of deals are, including annual, event or corporate level sponsorship relationships.

“By empowering sports, event, corporate and entertainment organizations to be more effective in managing their sponsorship programs, WestEnd is extending all the key benefits we’ve been delivering with the Workspace suite for years to Licensing and Entertainment companies”, stated Zeljko Rakocevic. Continuing, Mr. Rakocevic added, “Workspace empowers our Sponsorship clients by increasing program visibility, organizing sponsorship inventories, detailing partner contracts, highlighting deliverables and executing invoices and payments. Our goal is to allow sponsor-seeking firms to more efficiently manage sponsorship programs, fully monitor sponsor execution and ultimately maximize revenue opportunities.”

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