Supply Chain Management (scm) Module

WestEnd Software Inc. Announces the Launch of New “Supply Chain” Module for Licensees

This new add-on to the Workspace suite of solutions is a game changer for Licensees and Manufacturers looking to modernize their

 supply chain management (SCM)


(Manhattan Beach, CA) December 1, 2020 – WestEnd Software, a leading developer of enterprise software solutions for the licensing, entertainment, manufacturing and sponsorship industries, announced today the release and availability of a cutting-edge new module called “Supply Chain” to support licensees and manufactures across their globally integrated product development, manufacturing and distribution programs.

The Supply Chain module

revolutionizes the key processes and programs needed to effectively get consumer products built, shipped, on shelves and into the hands of customers. As a fully integrated module within the Workspace suite, Supply Chain allows clients to manage product lifecycles from concept through to factory output, including tools to handle product design, development, testing, ordering, manufacturing and distribution to retail partners on a global level.

Since the launch of the Workspace suite of products in 2016, Westend Software has been a leading developer of end-to-end enterprise solutions for the licensing and entertainment industries. Along with continuing to develop innovative modules to help all participants within these industries, WestEnd’s development team have been working hard to create a user-friendly tool to replace legacy systems which fully support industry standard requirements for Materials Resource Planning (MRP) and Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP) programs.

Some of the main features include forecast management, sales order administration, work order processing and complete project and inventory visibility. A key benefit of these new features is providing both the product teams and management executives with complete visibility of the company’s development, manufacturing and distribution efforts.

The new Supply Chain modules

enables Westend’s clients to see what the sales department is forecasting, what the retailers are ordering, what is in inventory and ultimately what orders need to be prioritized in all factories to meet retail demands. Supply Chain provides companies the confidence they need to commit their capital and resources to new product manufacturing efforts and inventory expansion.

“WestEnd Software is the only software vendor in the licensing space that has focused considerable development resources on building solutions specifically for the Licensee and manufacturing community, which has traditionally been long underserved,” stated Zeljko Rakocevic, CTO and Founder at WestEnd Software. “Today, over 50% of our Workspace clients are Licensees and we work closely with these clients to release new tools and features enabling more control and visibility into their global product efforts and supply chains.  This focus has now resulted in the release of our new Supply Chain module.”

In addition to executing retail sales orders and factory work orders, Supply Chain was designed to improve the processes consumer product companies utilize to centralize, display and analyze the all key data points and information from their operations to make critical real time decisions, including scheduling, design, engineering, inventory, transit and manufacturing cost controls. When combined with existing Workspace modules for Product Development and Licensing, Westend has created the only fully integrated application capable of handling all inputs and data that are required for planning and decision making as product portfolios are created, adjusted and rolled out to the market.

“The new Supply Chain tool“

we’ve released fully supports core industry processes long provided by legacy MRP and DRP products, but within the Workspace suite these features are now delivered in a modern technology environment that is fully integrated with our clients’ main enterprise functions,” added Mr. Rakocevic. “With this newly released module, WestEnd is once again expanding what it means to be a full-featured licensing software company as we move further into our clients’ core operations, which for Licensees is focused on getting products rapidly developed, effectively manufactured and quickly distributed into the market via their retail partners.”

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