Royalties management & royalty reporting for audiovisual content


Royalty management, distribution deals and media catalogs are the three core functional components of the Programming module within WestEnd Software’s “Workspace” suite of media tools. The Programming module integrates these three components with advanced tools such as contract life cycle management, exclusivity conflict alerts and dynamic sales and availability searches. With this powerful set of features, the Workspace platform has the ability to offer media companies an end-to-end application on a truly enterprise scale. The WestEnd™… Read More

Contract management or Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) software


The Contracts module is designed to meet the needs of firms actively involved in the licensing, product, sponsorship and programming markets. Deployed with in our WestEnd™ Workspace solution, Contracts allows for full contract extrapolations by entering party names, terms, dates, properties, rights, and other key agreement data. Core features include full contract lifecycle management  , e-signature tool, document attachments, rights conflict monitoring and expiration alerts. Within Workspace, Contracts forms the framework from which all other… Read More

Royalty Accounting - royalty statements - Westend Software Financials Module


The need to manage financial and accounting data is critically important for all Workspace users, and WestEnd™ Software offers one of the most sophisticated and comprehensive tools in the industry. By entering fee schedules and royalty rates, Workspace establishes the ability to process sales data, calculate receivables and/or payables, process transactions and manage full program accounting. The Financials module includes the ability to process royalty statements, issue invoices or vouchers, and fully integrate program acconting… Read More

Workflow approval - Westend Software


This workflow approval software   (approval module) enables our clients to rapidly and effectively process hundreds of submissions on a daily basis, all within a structured process that can be configured to meet your organizations ideal business processes. From defining the number of stages, to assigning roles to both internal and external reviewers and to allowing managers real time access to statistics on how the process is working, the  Approval application  is capable of meeting… Read More

New Product Development (NPD) module, End To End Product development

Product Development

The New Product Development (NPD) module was developed to precisely map design and engineering process from first concept thru to factory output, because we know that the status of all ongoing product efforts is vital operational information that licensees and consumer product manufacturing firms need. In addition, being able to design and utilize workflows that map every key step of a development process maximizes collaboration and visibility. WestEnd™ Software has created a single “work space”… Read More

Westend Software Sponsorships Module, Sponsorship management software , Tracking sponsorship


The Sponsorship module is designed to facilitate the end-to-end process of managing sponsor activities for both sponsors and sponsorship seekers. Tracking sponsorship inventory, assessing and tracking opportunities, formalizing contract terms and requirements, tracking rights and deliverables and assessing approval needs. Firms involved in the sponsor space can now get full visibility and control over where the sponsorship money is spent and making sure deliverables are correctly executed.

Digital assets management software. Westend Software Assets Module,


Managing digital assets effectively is becoming both more difficult and more important as businesses evolve in the 21st century, move online more and require real time collaboration with external parties. With this in mind, WestEnd Software has developed it Assets application to provide clients with unlimited capabilities in managing, cataloging, tagging and tracking the storage and use of their digital media files. Assets will allow your organization to share files within a central repository, upload… Read More

Workflow application, Workflow Management software


With its Workflow application , WestEnd™ Software has developed a powerful tool that clients can use to better manage and monitor all common functions and tasks within their companies. Workflow allows users to setup an unlimited number of defined processes, assign users, create tasks, and set deadlines. These processes can be saved as templates for easy reuse for tasks that are common to an organization. Additionally, summary level views and built in reporting allows users… Read More

Westend Software Intelligence Module


What good is the accumulation of data if you can’t understand it? That’s the challenge the WestEnd Software solves with its Intelligence application that will allow clients to engage with all data within its WestEnd Workspace solution, configure reporting structures, produce digestible reports and increase its business intelligence across the board. Through a combination of defined reports with dynamic parameters and the inclusion of data warehousing capabilities, WestEnd Software looks to take BI to the… Read More

Westend Software Contacts Crm Module

Contacts CRM

WestEnd Workspace has designed it Contacts module to provide both a full set of CRM functionality as well as enable its dynamic user access management and security features. The Contacts module allows you to easily enter and visualize all the companies and people you are doing business with, manage their key data, communicate with them and see a summary of your interactions and track any opportunities you may be pursuing. By enabling a contact as… Read More