Royalties management


Royalties management,

 distribution deals and media catalogs are the three core functional components of the Programming module within WestEnd Software’s “Workspace” suite of media tools. The Programming module integrates these three components with advanced tools such as contract life cycle management, exclusivity conflict alerts and dynamic sales and availability searches. With this powerful set of features, the Workspace platform has the ability to offer media companies an end-to-end application on a truly enterprise scale.

Royalties Management

The WestEnd™ Workspace “Programming” module that will deliver rights and

royalties management

 for audiovisual content in order to provide broadcasters, distributors and media studios an easier-to-use and more effective software solution. A client can be confident that not only will their sales team be able to check rights and get clearances for new deals, but the accounting team can also use the solution to manage

royalty reporting

, participation calculations and integrate all financial data into the corporate ledger. Key features of the WestEnd Workspace Programming module include comprehensive library and title management with key meta data, entering and managing all rights-in and rights-out contracts and full rights and availability reporting for clearances.

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